Reason to Replace Old HVAC Systems

How to Choose the Right HVAC System for your Project?
September 1, 2016

Reason to Replace Old HVAC Systems

Why Replace your old HVAC Systems?

HVAC system is one of the essential needs of every household. We rely heavily on this system for our lifestyle. Regardless of how well maintained our system has been we would eventually need an upgrade that ensures warmth in the winter and cooling in the summers. Old HVAC systems were based on a simple thermostat that would help us bring the temperature down to a certain point. Eventually, a solution was introduced to help us adjust the temperature to our liking with new capacity.

Why change or upgrade your HVAC?

Ideally, any HVAC system would last up to 10 years so if your system is about or over 10 years old you must be looking for an immediate replacement but that is not the only reason one would want to change their HVAC system. Your system may not be efficient enough and your air conditioner or your heating burner is running extra to ensure the temperatures you need. Alternately, with the latest technological interventions, a better less energy consuming solution is produced every few months. If you are looking to lower your energy bills and help conserve the energy in the process you may choose a new more advanced and more energy efficient solution.

Running a household is not an easy job as it is, we have to worry about every minute detail and save every dime we can either for a rainy day or for a better future of our children. Yet, we cannot compromise on the quality of living that we provide to our families. This is where the need arises not only to provide the best-suited solution to your family but also to ensure that you conserve energy and save money through optimal HVAC solutions.

Beside the latter two options let’s take a look at the common symptoms to help you find out if your HVAC system is too old and should be replaced immediately.

air-conditioner-1614698_1280Varied Temperatures

If you feel that different rooms or areas in your house or office have a different temperature at the same time it is an alarm. Your HVAC system should allow you to maintain a balanced temperature throughout the premise. If your system is varying temperatures it certainly needs attention.

HVAC System Age

If your air conditioning unit has been running for a decade chances are it is neither energy efficient nor performance efficient. On the other hand, if your heating boiler has an additional five years on it so 15 years for that and any older is a dinosaur.

Dusty Interiors

If you find that the dust in your house has increased and despite closing all the doors it is not getting any better your ducts are certainly leaked. You need an immediate upgrade because nobody likes to spend all their time cleaning. It can also cause allergies if not treated in time.

Humidity Levels

Humidity is another factor that indicates leaked or damaged duct systems on your premises. This would cause you more energy consumption in the longer run and needs immediate attention. In this case, your house would be too humid in the summers and absolutely dried up in the winter.

Too Noisy

If you can hear it then it has definitely run up to its age. Yup, it’s as simple as this. Your HVAC system is supposed to be silent and if it speaks it should be taken out of the premises with immediate effect.

Programmable Systems

HVAC systems are often replaced because you don’t want them running all the time and don’t want to return to a cold house in winter or hot house in the summer. A programmable thermostat becomes an inevitability in such a situation. If you are lucky you can get away a simple upgrade instead of replacing the whole system.

Energy Conservation

If your bills are going up because your consumption is on a constant rise despite having the same equipment you have had all this time, it can be your HVAC. Keeping a constant check on various factors would certainly add up and you’d find that your system is betraying you. It is about time you replace the system with a new energy-efficient model.

Too Many Repairs

The most obvious of these symptoms would be if your HVAC system is requiring too many repairs a little too quick. It has simply run up to its age and getting it repaired all the time is going to cost you more than you are going to save with a new system. Too many repairs are not just a waste of money but of time.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or a blend of few of these you should definitely have bring an hvac repair nyc assessment specialist to check your HVAC system. You can then plan the upgrade or a complete replacement if necessary.


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